The Electric Bike Shed

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310, South Shields Business Works
Henry Robson Way
South Shields
NE33 1RF
The Electric Bike Shed is based at South Shields Business Works in South Shields and our involvement with electric bikes spans some years now springing from client demand. Our aim is to offer a range of electric bikes in our showroom for people to come down and test ride and get all the advice and assistance they need to make the right choice for them. Clients buy electric bikes for all kind of reasons and trying before they buy is crucial in this decision. We want to take the guess work out of that decision, and then offer reliable after sales care through reputable suppliers.

What is an electric bicycle?
People say they have an electric bike/bicycle/ebike or some say they have a pedelec or an EAPC [electrically assisted pedal cycle]. So what have they got – is an ebike the same as an electric bike, and a pedelec and an EAPC? Well, all those terms refer to any bike that’s powered by an electric motor, whether it uses pedals to help propel the bike or not. In the UK the correct term for electric bicycles that are legal on our roads is pedelec – in Europe it’s EPAC.

But what is a pedelec?
Well strictly speaking it’s a bike with an electric motor that will assist the rider in pedalling. A pedelec is a standard pedal cycle with several electronic components – a handle bar display, a controller, a battery, a sensor, a motor.

We could talk for hours and hours and hours about how an electric bike works but the best way to find out is to book a visit with us for a Saturday advice and try before you buy test ride session when we can spend as much time with you as need getting to know our bikes, and then making the right choice for you.